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Opus Dei Corporate Works


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Corporate Works of Opus Dei in North America
A partial listing of Opus Dei's corporate works in the United States and Canada follows:

Lexington College (Chicago)

Lexington College is the only women's hospitality management college in the United States. It offers degrees in hotel, restaurant and institutional management. Opus Dei provides Lexington with a chaplain and assists in bringing Christian values into Lexington's programs.

Midtown Educational Foundation (Chicago)

The Midtown Educational Foundation runs programs for the personal and educational development of inner city youth: the Metro program for girls and the Midtown program for boys. This corporate work of Opus Dei has helped numerous young people from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome the challenges of their environment and integrate into the mainstream of society.

  • Chestnut Center (San Francisco)
    is an Opus Dei women's center.

  • Ernescliff College (Toronto) is a residence hall for university men, which offers spiritual activities entrusted to Opus Dei.

  • Featherock Conference Center (Schulenburg, Texas) is an Opus Dei center which hosts retreats, professional conferences, seminars, summer camps, and study weekends.

  • The Heights School (Washington, DC) is an all-boys college preparatory school for grades 3-12, which has entrusted the spiritual aspects of its activities to Opus Dei.

  • Oakcrest School (Washington, DC) is a girls college prep school for grades 7-12, and is a corporate work of Opus Dei.

  • Westfield Residence (Los Angeles) is an Opus Dei center for women.