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Corporate Works of Opus Dei in Asia & the Pacific region
A partial listing follows (links are to sites in English or with English pages, unless otherwise specified):

University of Asia and the Pacific (Manila, The Philippines)

The University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) traces its beginnings to the Center for Research and Communication (CRC). CRC was established 30 years ago as a think-tank conducting research and offering graduate courses in economics and management. This corporate work of Opus Dei gradually expanded its educational activities and, in 1995, was awarded University status by the government. At that time, CRC became known as the University of Asia and the Pacific. UA&P strives to be a center of excellence, particularly in three areas: values formation, personal development, and research and communication.

Warrane College, University of New South Wales (Australia) Warrane's history at UNSW spans the past 30 years, during which time the university has developed into one of the country's best-known and most successful institutions of higher education. Warrane residents have had a distinguished record of achievement in all areas, including academic, sporting, and cultural. The open and friendly environment of Warrane is inspired by a Christian ethos. The college has its own chapel and its spiritual care is entrusted to Opus Dei. The College provides opportunities for its residents to strive for this aim by making available spiritual activities such as Mass and talks and seminars conducted by college staff.

  • Drummond Study Centre (Australia) is an Opus Dei center for young men.

  • Heshan Residence (Taipei, Taiwan) is a residence hall for university men, which offers spiritual programs entrusted to Opus Dei.

  • Parents for Education Foundation (The Philippines) is foundation that establishes and promotes a number of schools that are corporate works of Opus Dei.