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Opus Dei Links

  • The Holy See: Comments by the Popes on St. Josemaría and Opus Dei Quotations on Opus Dei from John Paul II, John Paul I, and Paul VI.
  • The Holy See: 2002 Address by John Paul II about Opus Dei A theological reflection on Opus Dei.
  • Opus Dei’s official site General information on Opus Dei, news, reports on apostolic works, and an e-mail newsletter sign-up form.
  • Writings of Opus Dei’s founder A searchable database of all the published writings of Opus Dei's founder, St. Josemaria.
  • Romana: Opus Dei’s official bulletin Opus Dei news, appointments, obituaries and theological studies.
  • Opus Dei: Catholic Sources A collection of Catholic sources on Opus Dei.
  • Trust the Truth: Matt’s Opus Dei FAQ An FAQ that looks at the various criticisms of Opus Dei.
  • Opus Dei Information Handbook A very detailed explanation of Opus Dei.
  • Catholic Hierarchy page on Opus Dei A list of Opus Dei bishops and other information about the Prelature.
  • Opus Dei: a dialogue between friend and foe An extensive back-and-forth on some of the controversies people bring up about Opus Dei.
  • Diocese of Limerick backgrounder on Opus Dei Opus Dei in Ireland.
  • Opus Dei at Oxford Information about St. Josemaría Escrivá and Opus Dei's centers near Oxford (U.K.).
  • Nanyang Tech Catholic students apostolate page Opus Dei in Singapore.