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Corporate Works of Opus Dei in Latin America
A partial listing follows (links are to sites in English or with English pages, unless otherwise specified):

IPADE (Mexico City, Mexico)

The Wall Street Journal reports: "The first thing that comes to mind about IPADE: social responsibility and leadership." And the Financial Times ranks IPADE as the #1 business school in Latin America. But perhaps what IPADE is best-known for is the way it has emphasized ethics in business dealings ever since it was founded, at a time when business organizations seemed to claim a right to be exempt from moral values. IPADE has entrusted the doctrinal and spiritual aspects of the education it imparts to the Prelature of Opus Dei, as in the case of the rest of the faculties and educational centers of the Panamericana University, to which IPADE belongs as its Graduate Business School.

Montefalco Women's School (Jonacatepec, Mexico)

This corporate work of Opus Dei was founded in 1958, inspired by St. Josemaria's desire to meet the needs of Mexicans with fewer material resources. Over the years it has developed not only a girls' school, but numerous programs for other women as well. (Site in Spanish).

  • Austral University Business and Management School (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Centro Femenino de Turismo y Hostelería (Costa Rica) (Site in Spanish)

  • Colegio Alpamayo (Lima, Perú) (Site in Spanish)

  • Colegio Intisana (Quito, Ecuador) (Site in Spanish)

  • Escuela de Dirección PAD (Lima, Perú) (Site in Spanish)

  • Escuela de Turismo para la mujer Guaitil (Costa Rica) (Site in Spanish)

  • Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (Site in Spanish)

  • Universidad de los Andes (Santiago, Chile) (Site in Spanish)

  • Universidad de Piura (Lima, Perú) (Site in Spanish)

  • Universidad de la Sabana (Bogotá, Colombia) (Site in Spanish)